Jacobo Del Valle

Graduate Student in Aachen, Germany

Picture of Jacobo Del Valle - Credit: polygonize.net

Aachen, Germany

NLP Master’s student doing the Erasmus Mundus Language and Communication Technologies program, expected graduation in 2023.

I studied Software Engineering at Universidad Galileo in Guatemala City. While I was a student I worked as a full-stack web developer and a webmaster. Additionally, I also learned German during that time, which made me discover my love for linguistics and languages. This got me very interested in NLP and Deep Learning in general. This in turn, motivated me to apply for NLP graduate programs.

After finishing my Bachelor’s, I worked as a Data Scientist at a software provider for financial institutions for a few years and as a Data Scientist at a company in the advertising and healthcare industry. After that, I started graduate school. Additionally, I’ve finished a specialization from deeplearning.ai on Coursera.

My hobbies include photography, playing the guitar, helping others with the GRE, and language learning.

My CV details more about my journey and so does my LinkedIn profile.


Jul 15, 2022 Started my applied scientist internship at Amazon Alexa AI
Oct 1, 2021 Started grad school in Prague
Aug 26, 2021 Going to grad school!
Feb 19, 2021 Launching new version of my personal website!
Dec 15, 2020 Applying to various NLP graduate programs.

selected publications

  1. UGalileo
    Redes neuronales y transferencia de aprendizaje aplicado a la tarea de perfilamiento de autores de textos anónimos
    Del Valle, Jacobo