In December of 2020 I applied to multiple grad school programs. I was accepted to two different programs, two very different programs. Both of them however, with a focus on NLP, which is exactly what I wanted. I ended up choosing a great program, namely the Erasmus Mundus Language and Communication Technologies program.

I’ll be spending the next two years learning as much as possible about the NLP field and hopefully doing research! Very excited by both, but especially being able to do research. The program is pretty free in that it lets me pick out my courses according to my interests and “tracks” that they have deemed different enough. This is really all new to me as my undergraduate education was all laid out for me and I couldn’t pick any courses.

I’ll be doing my program at two different universities (one year each) and will be spending time in two different countries. This probably means that my blog will be getting some love in the future and hopefully be a guide for future LCT students.

I’m leaving for Europe in October and hope to get the most out of this adventure. Really excited!