I found out the GRE was a thing and started preparing for it in Novembre 2019. In December I decided to take the test again and was able to get a pretty good score, but it wasn’t anywhere near where I wanted it to be.

Today I literally destroyed the GRE, getting a 335 total score and a 5.0 for the AWA section. I wasn’t able to get a perfect Quant score, but my score ended up being pretty much as balanced as possible:

  • Quantitative: 168
  • Verbal: 167

Needless to say, I’m more than satisfied with this score. Even though I don’t agree the GRE is too predictive of grad school success, it allows international students such as myself to separate themselves from the pack and hopefully compensating for the fact that pretty much no one in the US has heard of my undergraduate institution, despite its good quality of education.

It also supports the fact that I have a solid foundation and that I most likely did not graduate with honors only because the school is fairly unknown.

I detail how I studied for the test on my blog. Definitely check that out. I also have a few other posts regarding the GRE on there.

That’s all for now. Just wanted to share as I’m really happy with this result!